Monday, March 25, 2013

Running Log for Week of 3/18/13

Monday: 8 miles easy PM in Saco... legs felt decent but I know the DOMS takes 48 hours to reach full effect.

Tuesday: 12 miles on the treadmill very easy during the snowstorm in the PM. Yup, welcome back quad soreness.

Wednesday: 14 miles easy in Saco/Biddo (toward the Pool) from the house. Just trying to work the soreness out while still hitting mileage this week.

Thursday: Bagged a workout in favor of some easy mileage in an effort to get the legs back underneath me. 16 miles easy PM to Dayton and back. Still progressed to low 6's without much effort but I have to restrain myself the next couple of days. Core workout in the PM.

Friday: 12 miles easy PM in Saco/Ferry Beach, easily.

Saturday: 13.5 miles easy with Marc and Jorma in Gorham in the AM with 8x10s hill sprints thrown in near the end.

Sunday: Boston MP course run with Ryan McCalmon, David Bedoya, Colman Hatton, Jason Ayr and a number of other BAA and GBTC guys. Did the first 7+ easy from Cleveland Circle (MM 22) to MM 15 and then started the MP miles from there to MM 12 and back to MM 22. First mile was 5:35 and then we progressed into it, really working hard on the Newton Hills and Heartbreak (still managed a sub-5:30 on Heartbreak). Covered the 13 miles in just under 1:10 (5:23/mi pace). Felt strong and never went to the well, which is a great sign. Finished with 4+ miles easy, 24.5 mi total. Great last big workout before the Fun Run.

Totals: 100 miles on seven runs, one set of hill sprints, one great MP run, one core set. Excellent week after a hard half marathon effort. I'm actually most proud about listening to my body and not forcing a workout on Thursday. Great stuff.

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