Sunday, March 10, 2013

Running Log for Week of 3/4/31

Monday: Easy 10 in Saco in the early AM before heading on a supplier visit for two days in western MA.

Tuesday: Easy 12 on the treader in the Marriott in downtown Springfield. Opted out of stalking the mean streets of Springfield in the dark. Core at night.

Wednesday: Easy 14 in Portland and Falmouth with Chris and Marc in the evening, with a few pickups near the end. Windy as all hell out.

Thursday: Went to the gym to tackle a pretty tough workout on the treadmill, 5 x 2 mile at 10:40/10:30/10:20/10:10/10:00 with 3 minutes jog rest between. Did the first three intervals and felt magical. Halfway through the fourth, the treadmill shut down without warning and wouldn't turn on... I think I overheated the motor. The other treadmills were either out of order or occupado so I stormed off in disgust and finished my last 6+ outside, easy. 16 miles total. Was well on my way to crushing this workout. I feel more fit than I have in a long time, maybe ever, so hopefully I can stomp my way to a half marathon PR in 10 days.

Friday: Out and back to Oak Ridge Rd. in Biddo, 17 in 1:53. Easy.

Saturday: 7 on the treader in the PM at the Hampton Inn in Presque Isle. Heavy from a huge lunch.

Sunday: 24 on the Maine Marathon course with 8x(1 min on/off) hard at the 2 hour mark, finished in 2:31:30. Great long run to finish off the week.

Total: 100 miles in 7 runs, one abbreviated tempo interval workout, one small speed workout, one core workout. Can't shake a fist at that although I'm still upset a little about Thursday. Got a big week next week, I'll see what I can throw together.

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