Monday, April 8, 2013

Running Log for Week of 4/1/13

Monday: Was going to put an April Fools' joke in here but I honestly think this particular holiday needs to be put to rest. Very few April Fools' jokes are even funny anymore. 8 easy around town.

Tuesday: 12 easy in North Saco. Windy.

Wednesday: 9 easy in town with 8x10s hill sprints in Biddo. Legs aren't feeling all that fresh right now but hopefully they wake up for the tempo tomorrow.

Thursday: Went out to do 12 with 8 miles at tempo in the middle with the new Ronins. Within the first couple of miles I lost my socks for obvious reasons, never a good thing when you're wearing brand new kicks. Went into the workout feeling a little light-headed and with dead legs from standing on concrete the last few work days and by 4 miles in I was feeling pretty toasted so I canned the rest of it. 5:10-5:07-5:07-5:01, should've paced myself a little better so I could complete the workout because the second half would've been downhill and with the wind, but at this point the hay's in the barn and a workout like this is just used to sharpen. No need to reach back into the well for something like this. I guess I wasn't completely dead since I finished off the run with a couple of striders an average of 6:08 for the five-mile cooldown. 12 in 1:11:49 overall.

Friday: Easy AM run (8 miles) in Portland with Lauren. These AM runs always seem brutally hard, even at 7:30+ pace, but at least the afternoon is relatively free now.

Saturday: 5 mi. easy in Augusta in the early morning before heading north. Felt like crap but at least I got to jog on the old Augusta XC course.

Sunday: 7 mi. warmup on BC in 45 mins followed by the Race Judicata 5k and another BC loop for 7 total 'marathon pace' miles of 36:18. Considering the wind, I was extremely pleased with this tempo. Felt great. Need to make sure I do the right things this week and not go out too aggressively a week from now.

Totals: 69 miles, one abbreviated tempo, one quicker marathon pace workout, one core workout, one set of hill sprints. Ready to sharpen ane rest up next week. Eye on the prize.

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