Monday, April 29, 2013

Running Log for Week of 4/22/13

Sunday: First run back, 6 easy miles in Camden with Steve and Kirby followed by an hour of yoga. Quads are smarting a bit but nothing unusual.

Monday: 5 miles easy in Saco. Quad pain certainly won't go away in one day. Manageable though.

Tuesday: 6 miles easy PM in Saco. Quads still sore.

Wednesday: 5 miles easy PM in Biddo Pool preceded by a core/strength set and followed by an ice bath late night.

Thursday: 7 miles AM in Biddo with Carly. Screw you quads. Started wearing the new Precisions today.

Friday: 5 miles AM in Biddo again with Carly. Quads are better since I went with the new Precisions.

Saturday: 8+ miles AM very easy in Falmouth with Mary, Eliza, Lauren and Marc, followed by 75 minutes of vinyasa hip-hop yoga (yes, hip hop yoga) at Greener Postures. It was good. Judge if you must.

Sunday: 8 miles in the PM around Back Cove/Portland with Jorma and Marc. So nice. First shirtless run of the year.

Totals: 44 miles, one core workout, one yoga workout, one ice bath, a few strides. Good easy first week back into the fold. Ready to ramp it up a little more, get an short workout in and start integrating more auxiliary work.

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