Monday, May 6, 2013

Running Log for Week of 4/29/13

Monday: 10 easy with the Boston One Fund run on Back Cove integrated in. Lots of great support shown out there.

Tuesday: 10 easy in Biddo Pool in a shade under 1:06 with plyos on the beach. Great stuff, legs really coming around.

Wednesday: Core at lunch followed by an easy 6 in the PM in PoPo with Pickles, Jeff and Marc. Did not want to add on because quads felt less than great, and that's okay. No workout tomorrow, maybe some hill sprints. Slow is better than too fast when it comes to building back up.

Thursday: 8 easy in the PM to Boom and back with 8 hill sprints thrown in the middle.

Friday: 8+ miles very easy in the AM with Lauren, Mary, Meredith and Eliza.

Saturday: 7 miles with 5x1 min on/off thrown in and a solid core/stretch/hip workout after on Back Cove.

Sunday: 12+ miles easy in Falmouth (Audubon and Mackworth) from MRC with a big crew. Great first group run of the season.

Totals: 61+ miles, one short workout, hill sprints, plyos, two core workouts. Great buildup week, another one next week. Time to trim down a bit on the eats.

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