Monday, May 20, 2013

Running Log for Week of 5/13/2013

Monday: 9 miles easy in a little under an hour. Quads felt yesteday's effort.

Tuesday: 9 miles in the PM, the first three from work to Prime Toyota to meet Jeff and then the rest out and back on the ET. Legs still feel a little beat up.

Wednesday: 10 miles in 1:06 in the PM while the sky was indecisive about raining. Quads are STILL a little balky, so I'm playing it safe with them. No workouts until I'm feeling good. Rather ramp up slowly than screw my entire summer of racing.

Thursday: 10 easy with 8x10s hill sprints.

Friday: Off. Between work and a drive to the county, just ran out of time.

Saturday: 6 miles out and back in Stockholm. Rolling, cool, beautiful. Very lonely out here.

Sunday: 16 miles easy with a big group at Sheri's place, the last 4 on Falmouth Woods trails. Beautiful out there.

Totals: 60 miles on 6 days, one set of hill sprints, two core sessions, no workouts. My legs were poop at the beginning of the week so I took it easy. No sense to rush back, still early.

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