Monday, May 13, 2013

Running Log for Week of 5/6/13

Monday: 10 mi. easy in 1:03:30 on the ET in Saco and back from home. Felt pretty good but the hip flexors are burning from Saturday's auxiliary stuff. Gotta lay off that and go easier the next time around.

Tuesday: Light core workout at lunch followed by 12 easy in 1:19 in Biddo Pool. Beautiful day out but felt sluggish and fat. People get on me for calling myself fat sometimes (and yes, I know, I'm not 'fat' in the literal sense), but I'm sure other runners can relate when they take a dip in fitness and can literally feel the extra few pounds on them when they exercise. Can't wait to lose it... I need to take the appropriate steps to do so.

Wednesday: Easy run in Portland (12 miles) with 8 x 10s hill sprints on the East End grassy hill.

Thursday: 10 mi in the rain in the PM in Saco, 2 x 30s pieces hard and then began a 3x1000 interval "test". Failed the test. Got halfway through the second one and bailed due to it being too hard. Certainly still trying to work Boston out of the legs. Sunday is going to be an adventure.

Friday: 7 mi. in the AM in PoPo with Lauren and Mary. Flexors, IT's and hips were all tight this morning. Followed it up with a strong core and stretching session in the PM.

Saturday: 7.5 mi. easy around the BC twice with Jorma in the afternoon. Felt pretty good.

Sunday: 3 mi. warmup followed by the Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5k in 15:07 and a 3 mile cooldown. It was fun as it always is but the race itself was a struggle. I felt fatigue in my quads before the first mile marker (4:40, but still, there wasn't that fatigue a month-plus ago when I ran 4:33 for my first one). The second mile was a drain as I was chasing Louis and the third mile I was just hanging on. I think a combination of continued recovery from Boston, poor sleep habits and poor nutrition habits (the usual suspects) are big issues right now. The weather is gearing up and it's so easy to gear up the social life as well... I guess I have to weigh social life against my running in the next few months.

Totals: 67.5 miles, one botched workout, one slightly disappointing race, two core workouts (hip flexors still sore). Not going to 80 next week, sticking to 75 hopefully, and I'm going to try not to be a fat-ass. Let's see if that helps.

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