Monday, June 24, 2013

Running Log for Week of 6/17/2013

Monday: Off. Just did not feel like doing anything but napping and watching the Bruins. I guess it was for the best considering the two races in 4 days prior.

Tuesday: 9 easy in the AM with Mary and Lauren in Portland followed by a solid core session in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 4 easy warmup miles with Kirby and McGonagle and then what was SUPPOSED to be a tempo during the BC 5k. Started out chasing Kirby and Harmon to a 5:01 first mile, stayed with Harmon for a 5:00 second mile, and then got a bit frustrated by Harmon's surges and laid the hammer down a bit the last mile, 4:45. I thought I might have the course record in my wheelhouse (15:20) but I saw from a ways away that I would need to hammer hard to get it so I instead pulled up and jogged the rest of the way in, 15:27. Tried some 30 second pieces after but they didn't feel very good at all so I canned it. Too fast for a tempo piece, too slow for a race, not a very good workout execution, but whatever. I heard later on in the night that Riley Masters had registered (as a Mainer) for Beach to Beacon, so it's going to take at least low 30's to win for Mainers this year. I need to start getting back into gear with the workouts and training mindset if I want to have any shot at that. Nearly 5 miles on the cooldown for 12 total on the day.

Thursday: 6 miles easy at lunch. Had to squeeze in a run before the long drive to Delaware for the Firefly Festival.

Friday: Off... got in to Delaware way too late to do anything Friday morning, and the drinking came early and often after we set up camp.

Saturday: 6+ miles in the early AM. Pretty damn slow and sluggish, for obvious reasons.

Sunday: 3 miles just to get my head right in the AM before the last day of the festival. Debauchery.

Totals: I only did 28 miles. Haha, awesome. Hey, life happens, and after doing three sub-15:30 5k's in six days, my body probably needed a little off time anyways. Great weekend at Firefly.

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