Sunday, July 21, 2013

Running Log for Week of 7/15/13

Well, it looks like I've missed a few weeks of posting. Things got a little crazy with all sorts of stuff going on and two weeks of vacation in there too (I took an entire week off from running in fact), but it's time to get back at it.

Monday: 8 miles easy in and around Saco. Hot out. Feeling last week's hikes.

Tuesday: 8 miles easy around Saco. Still very hot. Legs still feeling a little stale. Got a paddleboard though!

Wednesday: 10 miles with the Back Cove 5k in 16:30 thrown in there as a tempo. It sucked and the legs are tired. Paddled in the BC after and rammed my foot on a rock in the shallows when I fell... pretty sore but hopefully nothing major.

Thursday: I got a little more than a mile and a half down the road and just stopped. My legs are toast, from what I'm not exactly sure. Hiking last week? Lack of sleep? Not into it? Who knows. But I walked the mile back to my house, took the rest of the night easy, got 9 hours of sleep, and hoped for a speedy recovery.

Friday: 8 very hot miles in Portland followed by an hour-plus in Casco Bay just tooling around, to Fort Gorges and back. Really starting to love the boarding.

Saturday: 10 miles with Jorma and Brandon before and during the Clam Fest 5 Miler. Good to watch and not race as it was humid and hot per usual at that race. Dropped $16 later that day for a crab roll and a few onion rings... market inflation at its finest.

Sunday: 11.5 miles with David Bedoya, Marc and Jorma out and back on the Beach to Beacon course followed by some more paddling at Higgins. Love it.

Total: 57 miles, one sad excuse of a workout, and lots of paddling. I guess I can't really complain too much about that considering my legs felt shot all the way until Friday. Finally coming out of the woods now. Next week will go a long way to determining if I will have any shot at a respectable time at B2B in two weeks. I won't gain any fitness in the next two weeks, but I can prevent myself from losing it at this point.

I better start lifting soon if I want to have a chance of beating Jeff in our little Maine Marathon bet. More to come on that, I'm sure.

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