Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Running Log for Week of 8/19/13

Monday: 13+ miles easy with Devon and Steve from the house. Ate way too much Tapatios after and ruined my sleep the following night.

Tuesday: 13 miles easy from Bay View Beach followed by plyos and a stretch on the beach. Lift and core at lunch.

Wednesday: 12 miles easy in the PM with Jeff and Marc around Back Cove and the Hobo Trails. Legs are garbage. Tricep and lat work at lunch.

Thursday: 16 miles in a little under 1:48 in the PM out-and-back on the ET from EMMC into Kennebunk. Did a few on-off pieces on the 15th mile (5:30). Legs still felt like garbage but less so. Might need new kicks soon. Upper body and neck are pretty wrecked from the lifting.

Friday: 8 miles easy in the PM out and back on 201 in Moscow along Wyman Lake before our annual Auction League FFL draft in The Forks. Went for an incredible paddle on Pleasant Pond near Caratunk just after the run. Gorgeous.

Saturday: 6+ miles at sunset from Long Sands in York to Ogunquit where my mom and Jules picked me up.

Sunday: 12 miles from Bay View to Pine Point and back in the early afternoon after paddling around OOB to watch Devon during the Rev3 triathlon. Scrapped the workout portion of the run (8+ at MP) because my legs are still garbage. Just listening to my body.

Totals: 80+ miles, one tiny workout, a couple of good lifting sessions and a good paddle. I was still able to significantly increase mileage this week, although I didn't ramp up as much as I wanted and still didn't get in any marathon-specific stuff. Just need the legs to stop being so shitty. Maybe I need to lay off paddling for a week and see how the legs respond... I may not be taking into account how much a long paddle taxes my legs.

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