Monday, September 23, 2013

Running Log for Week of 9/16/13

Monday: Lift and core at lunch and 8 mi. easy on the Boom Road loop in the afternoon. Deliberately took it very easy after yesterday's workout. Didn't feel too beat up.

Tuesday: Another 8 mi. easy on the Boom Road, this time a couple of minutes faster. Glad I'm recovering rather quickly from Sunday's workout as I'm going to attempt to do another marathon-specific workout tomorrow.

Wednesday: 20 mi in the PM, out and back from Payson Park along the marathon route to somewhere in Cumberland, all with Jeff and Jesse. Did 10 pickups from 16 to after 19 and ran a 5:47, 5:42 and 5:27 those miles. The 5:27 was significantly uphill and with decent breaks between pickups so I felt pretty good about that. My legs felt very rubbery at 13 but a Gu and some water Jeff dropped really helped out, to the point where I felt fine by 16. The nutrition plan is going to be more "robust" for this marathon than any other marathon I've done.

Thursday: 6 mi. easy in Saco after work followed by a PM lift at Jeff's gym in Portland (Planet Fitness). Thursday lifts are always worse than Monday lifts.

Friday: 8 easy in the PM at the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge on a perfect evening to break up the drive to NS. What a pleasant surprise that place was.

Saturday: Off.

Sunday: 20 mi. in Big Baddeck, the first 10+ with Breagh and the remainder alone, all on rolling hills and dirt roads. Threw in some surges the last few miles. Felt good but was definitely hot and a bit gassed after since I was on my feet for just over 3 hours. Good last loooong run.

Totals: 70 miles, two solid long runs, two lifts. Need an MP run middle of this week and another run to tune up the legs. Not in terrible shape leading up to Maine but still have some work to do and healthy habits to focus on.

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