Sunday, September 8, 2013

Running Log for Week of 9/2/13

Labor Day (Monday): Off. It's Labor Day, and Breagh is still here. I don't get enough time with her as it is right now so I don't really want to spend hours on running while she's here.

Tuesday: 10 easy in Saco, the first 5 with Breagh. Starting pouring during the second half, felt good.

Wednesday: Dropped Breagh off at Logan in the afternoon and drove up to the Loco Coco in Kittery, then went out and back through Portsmouth and New Castle to Odiorne State Park and back. Gorgeous, gorgeous night, great route to run. Got in 16 with 10 x ~1min hard near the end. Fantastic run. Finished with a chocolate stout and fish tacos after.

Thursday: 13 miles easy in the PM from the Eastern Prom to Mackworth x2 and Back Cove. Legs are a little beat up but nothing some TLC can't fix. Nutrition and stretching/recovery need to be a higher priority during the crush of the next couple of weeks.

Friday: A lift at lunch at 11 miles easy in Saco in the PM with Jesse and Marc.

Saturday: 6 miles easy in preparation for Sunday's half marathon.

Sunday: Bagged the half marathon due to a bout of tonsillitis. On antibiotics the next few days; hopefully it clears up. 5 easy miles instead.

Totals: 61 miles and one decent workout after taking Monday off and coming down with tonsillitis at the end. I'm running out of time to get in good workouts for Maine... I need to get two very solid weeks in in order to give myself more confidence.

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