Monday, September 30, 2013

Running Log for Week of 9/23/2013

Monday: Off. Driving 23 hours in a little over two days and 4+ hours of sleep had me wiped. I needed a nap between work and tutoring instead of running. Luckily mileage isn't as important at this stage in the game (not like it has been this cycle anyways).

Tuesday: Lift at lunch followed by 9 in the PM in a little under an hour in Biddeford Pool before tutoring. Very nice out.

Wednesday: 9 miles easy around Portland with Jesse, Marc, Hoogs, Steve Desjardins, and Chris, Julian Gazzelloni and Claton for parts of it, then went right into 6 miles at MP on Back Cove: 5:25, 5:27, 5:25, 5:15, 5:27, 5:26 (32:25). Felt nice and smooth... I actually felt my best at the end. The 5:15 was a bit perplexing (I think I sped up a bit just based on the things going through my mind), but it was otherwise a good preview of what marathon pace will be like. Since this is a shade faster than what I want to hit next Sunday, I'm very pleased. One mile cooldown for 16 total. Last run longer than 90 minutes before Maine.

Thursday: 6 easy in the PM before a Dirigo R.C. board meeting. Felt a bit sore and tired from yesterday's workout but loosened up near the end.

Friday: 7 easy in the PM in Saco once again. Legs still feel a bit sluggish after Wednesday.

Saturday: 3+ mi. warmup and then the Hugs from Hayley 5k (4:55, 4:50?, 5:03?, 31 = 15:19), followed by a 2.5+ mi cooldown for 9 total. The pace felt a little brisk, which I guess it should since I'm not training for the faster stuff right now. Found out after the race that the 2-mile marker was measured by car despite the existence of a certified course map (hence the question marks). In fact they didn't use the certified markers for the course distance in general and just "winged it" so who knows how long it actually was. It started and ended in roughly the same place as the first year I did it, when it was fresh off certification, so I'm guessing the overall course length is about right and theres only a couple second difference either way if any. Regardless, grabbed the CR and $100 and a decent tune-up before the marathon next week. Did an abbreviated lift session in the PM after.

Sunday: 9+ in Limington/Limerick/Waterboro running on dirt roads and back country roads. Hilly, sunny, gorgeous, beautiful. Just drove up there on a whim and cranked it out. Did an hour-long paddle on a stream afterwards. It was extremely lonely out there... almost like I was in the middle of the jungle. Very beautiful in a weird way. Hit a concert at the House of Blues in Boston with Jeff after... I remember how standing on my legs at that Beck concert two days before B2B somehow made my legs really stale and sore for that race, so I hope a full week of easy runs and rest will be enough before the marathon this time around.

Totals: 56 miles on six days, a good MP workout, a 5k race, two lifts and a paddle (and short hike and cliff-jumping in Peter's Pond on Saturday PM). I could probably punch out weeks like that forever and ever, especially with the weather we've had. A very enjoyable week with everything considered. I can feel myself coming down with the cold that's been going around at Jeff's place (exposed to too many of those folks on too frequent of a basis), but hopefully I can get over it fully before the weekend.

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