Sunday, September 15, 2013

Running Log for Week of 9/9/13

Monday: Lift at lunch and 7 easy in the afternoon in Saco/Biddo. Keeping it low-key until the tonsillitis clears up. Miles felt good. Need more sleep.

Tuesday: 9 easy right after work in Biddo Pool and Goose Rocks (second day or relaxed sub-6:30's) followed by jumping into a cold-ass washing machine of a surf on the SUP. I got thrown around but loved it. Could only stay in for about half an hour.

Wednesday: Almost 2 hours of paddling in the afternoon while waiting for the heat and humidity to subside and then 8 easy miles as the sun faded away in OOB.

Thursday: Set out from Back Cove on the marathon course with Jesse and Jeff for 18 to 20 with some minute pieces near the end. The sky opened up about 11 miles into it and it was an adrenaline-filled lightning dodge-fest the rest of the way. I was able to get about 7 minute on-off pieces near the end but they were definitely tough... I felt heavy, probably because my shoes were definitely heavy from the rain. Still, what a way to get in 18. Lots of fun.

Friday: 8 easy in the early AM with Tim Rider in Saco followed by a lift and core at lunch. Headed to the county this PM.

Saturday: 8 easy in the AM in Presque Isle with Curt Wheeler, Spencer McElwain and his friend Chris. A bit cool but a great run catching up.

Sunday: 4.5 mi. warmup and 3x5k with 3 minute jog rest on the track with Hoogs at Thornton with ~6 mi. cooldown (20 total). 5k's went 16:48, 16:32 and 15:55. Pushed a bit that last mile of the last 5k. Should've tried for a fourth 5k but I'm okay with three. Decent workout, great company.

Totals: 78 miles, two workouts and two lifts this week. I feel like a bit of a slacker not getting in 100-mile weeks this cycle but it is what it is... there will be another time for that, if I want to. The healthy eating and sleep/recovery plan starts tomorrow so I can give myself a better chance to hit my goal.

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