Monday, October 21, 2013

Running Log for Week of 10/14/113

Monday: Lift at lunch followed by 5 easy and a quick paddle session in Biddeford Pool. Got tossed mercilessly by the chop, which made for a less than relaxing experience. Still fun though.

Tuesday: 8+ miles in the AM on the Boom Road loop with Tim and Tom. Good motivation to scrape myself out of bed before 5AM.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: 8 miles easy in Portland, the last five with Jeff. Good run.

Friday: 8 miles easy in Saco/Biddo from work. Cranked it out pretty quickly, had some tunes cranking.

Saturday: 7 miles easy in Portsmouth while on my way down to pick up Breagh at the airport. Beautiful out.

Sunday: Off. It was beautiful out, and I did feel like cranking out some nice easy morning miles, but I felt more like sleeping in and lounging.

Totals: 36 miles, one lift. Gonna take another step up in mileage this week. I don't mind the slow ramp-up after a marathon... rather go too slow than too fast in that regard.

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