Monday, October 28, 2013

Running Log for Week of 10/21/13

Monday: 7 mi. easy in the PM in Saco.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 8 mi. in the AM with Tim in Saco. Good run.

Thursday: 2.5 mi. easy with Breagh in the PM around the neighborhood. Beautiful out, wish I had done more, a lot more. Had to carve a pumpkin though!

Friday: 8 mi. in the PM in Saco after dropping off Breagh at the airport. Averaged a cool 6:20/mi while not even trying. Just one of those days. The new playlist helped.

Saturday: 10 mi. in Falmouth in the AM with Jorma. Again, smooth and terrific.

Sunday: Off. Still trying to motivate myself.

Totals: 35+ mi. Next week starts the march again... it was a good three down weeks.

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