Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Training Log for Week of 12/9/2013

Monday: biceps/forearms/core at lunch followed by 6 easy in the freezing rain in Biddo Pool before tutoring. The ocean was boiling tonight, loved it.

Tuesday: 8 easy after work, the first 4 on the treadmill and the last 4 outside. Felt like a knob running in tights and an Under Armor shirt on the treadmill (didn't bring anything else).

Wednesday: Shoulders/back/core at gym at lunch and 10 mi. easy after work in Saco with 5 hard pieces on the relatively ice-free cemetery rotary.

Thursday: 8 miles in the PM with the run group around P-town (Jeff, Tim, Hoogies, Chris and Marc).

Friday: Off

Saturday: Yoga sesh and 10 miles easy in Portland.

Sunday: Off, too much snow.

Total: 42 miles, one small workout, two lifts, one yoga session.

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